Monday, October 20, 2014

EGsquared: YSL

BONJOUR from Paris! 
It was a long flight from Texas to France, but we made it! 
And where else would we be but in front of the Eiffel Tower and all its beauty?! 
For my outfit, Saint Laurent was my first choice. 
This look from the Spring 15 line screamed Parisian!
Keep checking in to see where we end up next;)

Monday, October 13, 2014

EGsquared: CHLOÉ

This week Ellie and I are hopping on a plane (a pink plane none the less,) to a place where I've always dreamt of going. 
With our matching Chanel suitcases and passports in hand, we're escaping this rainy weather at home and hoping to see better scenery when we land...knowing what's coming, that last statement is a given. 
I thought this sweatshirt and pant set from Chloé was a perfect choice for a long flight! 
It's also fitting that it was debuted in the same city where we are heading! 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

EGsquared: J.MENDEL

With fashion month over, and favorite looks still fresh on my mind, I thought why not draw myself in the glamorous clothes?! 
Being a freelance portrait photographer in a small town, my closet is not as "designer" filled as I wish it could be. 
So starting now, I will illustrate my top picks from the Spring 15 collections! 
To add a personal touch, my baby girl (a.k.a. my dog) will be joining me in each eg.doll! 
I'm excited to share with you all as we go on different adventures and explore new places in drool-worthy clothes. 
Travel and fashion are all I want in life, but I guess that dream will have to start on paper! 
In this first illustration, Ellie and I start out in our own little living room. 
Everything's girly and gold and PINK
I have multiple John French photographs hanging by simple gold thumbtacks and cheap frames painted gold to add some interest. 
I'm wearing this J.Mendel dress, which I thought would be a perfect fit to go along with the interior of my apartment. 
Oh if only...